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This page and the rest of the site provides an assortment of useful information on the Malcolm MacPhail WW1 novels. If your library already has the books on its shelves this will give you some background to help in advising your patrons. And should the titles be missing from your collection, then I hope this will be a helpful and stimulating introduction!

For library readers I encourage you to check out your local library – for one, or all of the books. Should they not be available, make a suggestion! If you do, the chances are high you’ll see them on your local shelves, with only a short delay. Most libraries love to hear what their readers want to read.

I’ve had some great feedback from library readers and I’m pleased that many leading libraries around the world have chosen to include the books in their collections. Here are a handful of representative examples. From left to right: Auckland Libraries (NZ), Columbus Metropolitan Library (US), Toronto Public Library (Canada), Eastern Regional Library (Australia), Vancouver Island Regional Library (Canada). Click on a picture to see more.

Auckland Libraries (NZ)

The Malcolm MacPhail WW1 series consists of five meticulously-researched historical novels, chronicling the adventures of a young Canadian soldier during the Great War. You can read about each book and their reviews here.

Sourcing the books for libraries

You should have little difficulty sourcing the books. The audiobook is available through Overdrive. For the trade paperback and hardcover editions – depending on where you’re located – there are multiple suppliers. Generally most local distributors and your existing library suppliers can readily source them, as well as Ingram. For example:

United States (USD 17.95/hardcover USD 27.99): Ingram, Baker & Taylor

Canada (CAD 23.95/34.99): Library Bound, Library Services Centre, Ingram

United Kingdom (GBP 12.99/19.99): Gardners, Ingram

Australia (AUD 28.95): James Bennett, Ingram

New Zealand (NZD 38.99): Wheelers, Ingram


For sourcing or related questions please address the publisher at: EsdornEditions [at] darrellduthie [dot] com. For anything to do with the books themselves, I’d be delighted to field questions myself – my details are on the contact page.

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